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Lawn and Garden

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Lawn and Garden

Whether you’re indoor or outdoor gardening, we can help to ensure you have the right soils, fertilizers, and even greenhouses.  Our staff is experienced in making sure you have the best product for whatever it is you’re growing.  Some products are seasonal, but many are in stock all year long.  Stop in for a visit at our store or contact us and we’d love to help you get the most of your lawn and gardens.

Fertilizer and Seeds

Beautify and Grow


Birds Creek Farm Supply carries a variety of fertilizers. From farm to lawn and garden. Bone meal and water soluble and some organic. We also carry many different kinds of Super Green and Scotts Miracle Gro fertilizers.


Soils and Mulch

Birds Creek Farm Supply has a wide range of soils, cattle and sheep manure, compost and mulches to please your gardening needs. We also carry agricultural lime for your lawn or gardens. Agro Mix, Vermiculite, Perilite, Peat Moss, Manure, Top Soil, Black Earth, Triple Mix, Garden and Potting Soil, Mulch and Lime



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