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About us

Birds Creek Farm Supply is a division of Graf’s General Store Ltd. For the past 23 years, brothers Jeff and Perry Graf have successfully co-owned and operated Bird’s Creek Feed and Hardware. They have been an integral part of the business since its inception in 1987 when their parents, Remi & Betty Graf (owners of Graf’s General Store for 27 years– housing groceries, gas, feed and hardware) decided to embark on a new business venture, creating a separate business (Birds Creek Feed & Hardware) to specialize in both farming and pet supplies; leaving their original business (Graf’s General Store) to focus on groceries and gas.


Our History

The General Store in Birds Creek was a staple in the community for over 100 years, providing a little bit of everything and always meeting the last minute emergency needs of locals and tourists alike. Little did Betty Graf know that she would someday own and operate the very store she frequented as a child, where she bought her delectable penny candies without a care in the world. Remi Graf’s dream was to one day own his own business, so in 1960 Remi and Betty bought the business from the Kelusky family and later purchased the building in 1965. Betty was soon selling those penny candies to a whole new generation of eager children, displaying their country store counter top with sweet treats as far as the eye could see. For over 30 years the Graf’s have operated the General Store exemplifying pride in ownership and business integrity, with an unwritten vision of earning every patron’s trust and loyalty through a sincerity of service to the community. Today, Birds Creek Farm Supply operates with the same values and service ideology, inviting you to entrust your business with us and allow us the opportunity to assist you in any way we can.



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